This is a partial list of personal projects I have worked on. These are hobby projects, and mostly very old, and many of them are fairly unpolished, since the purpose of my projects has generally been to experiment with some new idea, programming tool or framework.

You can find the code for most of these at my github page, which is also home to many more projects in various states of disrepair.

Web projects


  • Calculatish (Source) - (2023) - A calculator for approximate and range-based estimation.
  • SortStar (Source) - (2021) - A website which helps you sort lists of things.
  • Labeler (Source) - (2019) - A tool for quickly hand-labeling text
  • QuickDiff (Source) - (2015) - A file differencing tool built with React.
  • Plotter (Source) - (2015) - A simple Javascript environment for plotting things.
  • Alcoholculator (Source) - (2015) - A tool for efficiently purchasing alcoholic beverages.

Games (~2011)

  • CollabPaint (Source) - Paint with friends in real-time. Made with JQuery, NodeJS/Express and Socket.IO - very old school!
  • Snakepong (Source) - It’s like pong but your paddle is a snake. Play against a friend on one keyboard, or against the AI.
  • Automa (Source) - Conway’s Game of Life in Javascript.
  • Meteors (Source) - A not-really-finished game where you bounce meteors into each other.


Mobile and Embedded (source code only)

BlitzMax Games

These are little games I wrote using BlitzMax, pre 2010.

  • Mines A multiplayer minesweeper clone
  • Shapes A Tetris clone
  • Quadris A geometric puzzle game
  • Pimorize A program which helps you memorize Pi.