This is a partial list of little personal projects I have worked on. Many of them are fairly unpolished, since often the purpose of my projects has simply been to experiment with some new idea, programming tool or framework.

You can find the code for most of these at my github page, which is also home to many more projects in various states of disrepair.

Web projects

This list only includes things which are actually running right now.

  • Snakepong - A game where you’re a snake that bats a ball around
  • Plotter - A simple JS environment for plotting things
  • AutoDMOZ - A website for categorising other websites into DMOZ categories using a linear TF-IDF model.
  • QuickDiff - A client-side file differencing tool built with react.
  • Alcoholculator - A tool for efficiently purchasing alcoholic beverages. (My first ReactJS project)
  • Automa - Conway’s Game of Life in JS
  • Thumbnailer - A shockingly niche little tool which downloads images from your website which are larger than the width/height tags say they should be, and then resizes them. I really can’t remember why I built this.

Code and Maths Playgrounds

Mobile and Embedded (source code only)

BlitzMax Games

These are little games I wrote using BlitzMax, pre 2010.

  • Mines A multiplayer minesweeper clone
  • Shapes A Tetris clone
  • Quadris A geometric puzzle game
  • Pimorize A program which helps you memorize Pi.