You’re looking at the personal website for Joseph Atkins-Turkish, a programmer on a long-standing quest to actually keep all of his projects on one website for more than a year. This is my portfolio, but also as a space to share my thoughts on life, food, social issues, tech, and anything else.

My programming interests are primarily machine learning, web development, game development, using code to further the Forces of Good, and any/all intersections.

Here are some of my web identitites:

Here's some stuff I wrote:

  • Next time you see a racist abuse statistics, here’s how you call them out

    If there’s one thing which really grinds my gears, it’s abuse of statistics. Oh, and racism, that isn’t too hot either.

  • Hello Jekyll

    DigitalOcean’s lovely WordPress instance decided it would constantly throw me Database Errors which I couldn’t be bothered to fix because, in the end, why do I need a database at all?

  • California: impressions, words, photos, food

    People keep asking: what’s California like? Everyone has funny accents and rain doesn’t exist.

  • Hummus Pasta Salad

    I made this recently by searching for “hummus pasta salad” on google, taking inspiration for a recipe or two and then improvising with what I had.

  • I hosted CollabPaint! And got annoyed at 4-years-ago-Joe.

    I put my old collaborative whiteboard project CollabPaint back up on the internet! Multiple people can log in to a room and paint at the same time, without having to register for an account or sign up.

  • Setting up shop

    I decided to bite the bullet and get myself an actual server on the internets to host my thingamabobs, and here I write about my experience.

  • Removing dead files from iTunes

    So, I made a blog. Mainly so I have a place to put my things.

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